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Our eateries


Umidon Chirashi Sushi & Donburi

Chirashi, meaning “to scatter” in Japanese, is the embodiment of Japanese sushi culture at its best, in which fresh and attractive sashimi are placed over a bed of vinegar rice to form a bowl of colorful art piece.

At Umidon, we elevated the entire culinary experience by using the freshest and most seasonal seafood imported directly from Japan and local markets. Experience the genuine taste of Japanese catches within a yokocho and simple setting.

Our honey teriyaki chicken bowl is perhaps the best bowl you can find. The chicken are marinated overnight and the skins are roasted to super crispy while keeping the meat moist and tender. The special honey teriyaki sauce will make you want to get more rice - and yes, you are welcome to get rice refilled with our sauce.


Kuroki Ramen

Kuroki Ramen specializes in traditional tonkotsu (pork bone soup based) ramen. We also serve beet & kale vegan ramens. Yes, authentic ramen made with beet (purple) and ramen made with kale (green). Our chef has pursued the ultimate Tonkotsu ramen since his early career in Fukuoka Prefecture, home to Tonkotsu ramen. He spent months and months to develop our special milky and sweet soup recipe. 

Kuroki ramen may surprises you with how tasty our tonkotsu and vegan ramens are! #kuroki


Whisk - Organic Matcha Cafe

Whisk is an authentic Japanese organic matcha tea cafe bringing an expertly curated selection of Japan's finest matcha, freshly whisked to your cup. We import fresh organic matcha directly from Japan for you to enjoy. 

We embrace the rich flavor of matcha by whisking it freshly to extract its true umami. Through this artistic tradition and innovation, we strive to push the boundaries of matcha enjoyment to the fullest.