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Address: 2309 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704

            Public Transportation

  • Bart (Downtown Berkeley Station, walk 8-10 minutes)
  • Bus 851 or 800 (Take the Bancroft Way:Telegraph Stop, walk 1 min)

Jobs available: 

  • Staff Associate (Cashier, Barista - no experience required $18/hr plus tips)
  • Kitchen Associate (Chef Assistant - no experience required $18/hr plus tips)
  • Kitchen Chef (Chef - 1 year experience $20/hr plus tips)
  • Assistant Restaurant Manager (minimum 2 years experience $22+/hr plus tips)
  • Restaurant Manager (Full Time - minimum 3+ years experience $25+/hr plus tips)

Our Mission:

We want to bring the real Japanese food and drinks, authentic local taste of Japan, and for the chance to say kanpai! with our guests. This is why Alley Kitchens was born. We are a locally owned and operated restaurant. Our mission is bound in a promise,  “Perfect Food, Great Value, Family-Class Service, Every Day, Every Guest”. And we believe that being involved and giving back to our community is the right thing to do. Super simple.

We offer very competitive wage, flexible schedules, great benefits and a fun working environment that is truly welcoming. Join us today! 

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